About Me


Born and raised in Calgary, I have a passion for the people and the culture of the west, especially here in my hometown. Meeting new people and learning about their experiences allows for constant learning and that’s what I love about writing and content creation.

For me, storytelling is such a natural and necessary part of human nature. Generating content for a variety of mediums and in different styles has become increasingly important in today’s fast-paced world. ┬áMy passion, industry experience, and journalism training gives me the ability to tell a variety of important stories through different mediums. I have a background in content creation and copy writing and editing for a variety of topics including insurance, community involvement, and health related causes.

On this site I have posted various articles, blogs, and links to content, photos, videos, and published articles.

Shannon Galley
in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.



  1. Love your website Shannon! :o) You are so talented!

  2. The desire to learn about other persons’ lives is a sure way of broadening one’s experiences for a great future. There is always an interesting person out there to be discovered.
    Way to go Shannon!

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